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  1. 2013 Tax Changes: After a long period of uncertainty over taxes, the fiscal cliff deal has finally given taxpayers some much-needed clarity—and the opportunity to put in place some tax-smart long-term saving and investment plans. Read More(Courtesy Fidelity)
  2. Offshore Disclosure 2012: Are you a US taxpayer with undisclosed income from offshore accounts? The IRS is offering an opportunity for you to get current with your income tax returns. In January 2012, the IRS began an open-ended offshore voluntary disclosure program (OVDP) that offers clear benefits to encourage taxpayers to disclose foreign accounts now rather than risk detection by the IRS and possible criminal prosecution.Read More
  3. 2014 Estate & Gift Tax: Did you know that new and more favorable estate tax, gift tax and generation-skipping transfer tax exemptions and less favorable tax rates have gone into effect? Also, did you know that the “Portability" of the federal estate tax tax exemption between married couples has become permanent? Read More