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Payroll pradeep Agarwal

Payroll is at the core of your business, the motivation for your employees to come to work. But it doesn’t have to become the headache of your business. We take the confusion and risk out of payroll compliance. Our full range of payroll management options relieve you of the burden of payroll processing and enhance your business decision tools.

Each time you have a payroll, we provide the following basic services:

  1. Laser printed, fraud-proof paychecks, with optional presigning (make this a link) and sealing (make this a link)
  2. Direct deposit file transfers (make “Direct Deposit” a link) to your bank.
  3. Earnings and deductions accumulators
  4. Benefit accumulation formulas
  5. Tax deposit checks and deposit notifications as required, or automatic tax deposits
  6. Payroll check register, employee year to date register and department cost summary
  7. Your selection of clear, concise, and critical reports
  8. Payroll entry time sheet for your next payroll, including new hire, prepaid check and void check worksheets

At the end of every month, we provide you with:

  1. Managerial department summary
  2. Union reports
  3. Bank reconciliation reports

At the end of every quarter, we provide you with:

  1. Laser printed federal, state and local payroll tax returns
  2. Individual employee earnings records with full check detail
  3. Tax filing services, including instructions for manual filers
  4. Direct shipping of quarterlies to your accountant

At the end of every year, we provide you with:

  1. Laser printed, ready to file W-2 forms
  2. Electronic and Magnetic Media filing as required
  3. W-2 transmittal forms
  4. Other year end tax forms such as Forms 940, 940-EZ, 1099-MISC , 1099-R and 1096
  5. Pre-sealed employee W-2 copies and earnings statements, ready for mailing or distribution
  6. W-2s on CD

Throughout the year, we provide you with:

  1. and courteous customer service, staffed by CPAs and payroll professionals
  2. All payroll supplies (labels, binders, blank checks, calendars, pay envelopes, etc.)
  3. Significant savings over the cost of processing in house or using other service bureaus.